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Tromsø - English outing cards


Dalbergsstien and Aksla

This is the trip for those who have two free hours and want to  see  Tromsø  from  its  best  side  while  having  a  good workout.  If  you  wish  to  see  the  variations  in  the  city's surrounding nature, Dalbergstien - Aksla is recommended. Lush  birch  forests,  airy  mountain  terrain,  and  urban sections! Also a super Sunda trip with kids. If you are not sufficiently impressed with the view of the little island in the mighty landscape, you can put a pit stop in the restaurant at Fjellstua. Enjoy!

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Just a stone's throw from Tromsø city centre is one of the region's best preserved cultural landscapes. Above Solligården on the mainland side, the path snakes through a lush cultural landscape with flower meadows, old buildings and large birches. The whole path was built by hand between 1925 and 1930 by Alf Larssen. Just beyond the powerline there is a rustic shelter and fire pit. If you ascend to the end you will reach Sollidalsaksla, offering a beautiful view of Tromsøya and Kvaløya. Have a good trip!

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Sydspissen - Telegrafbukta

The shore route around the southern tip of Tromsøya island provides beautiful views over the sound and Malangen and Kvaløya mountains. Along the way are remnants of a prison camp from World War II. Telegrafbukta Bay is the city's most visited outdoor recreation area with space for barbecues, play, exercise and swimming. At Kvitnesgården and Mortengården are old buildings originally from elsewhere in Troms. In Folkeparken you can cross the road to lush forest with many paths. Have a good trip!

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Clip_eng_Tromsdalen forgotten memories

Tromsdalen valley's forgotten memories

Fast track to the Tromsdalstinden peak, you say? Far from! In Tromsdalen you can go treasure hunting for Sami shelter foundations from when the “Lap-camp" in Tromsdalen was among the region's biggest tourist attractions. You can visit the special shooting facilities. Along the riverbank you can look for 200-year-old mill stones - remnants of Tromsø’s oldest industrial history, and see traces of the railway that freighted brick from the brickworks in Elvestrand. Tromsdal's secrets await you - come and discover them!

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After a relatively short drive from Tromsø city centre, you will find Vasstinden in the beautiful Kattfjorden. Vasstinden is a steep summit that pays off for every step towards the top. A lovely view reveals itself after passing the tree line. At the top, you stand at 900 MASL. Enjoy the view of Kattfjordeidet and the neighbouring summits Nordfjordtinden and Blåskredtinden, as well as the islands Sommarøya, Hillesøya, Håja and Tussøya. In fine weather you can see parts of Senja.

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